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Casino Games

Over 20 years ago, someone invented a special kind of entertainment called casino games and people’s lives have been changed forever. Currently, virtual reality is a synonym for quality relaxation, positive emotions, as well as significant gains.

Thanks to numerous UK casino games and trusted gambling platforms, players have a chance to seek adventures in the Jungles, kill mummies and grasp their treasure, use poker face without leaving a room or spin the wheel of Fortune.

At the QYTO website, you will find a variety of the best games and unbiased reviews. Here you will learn their principal characteristics, features, get some expertise and upgrade the skills in free online gambling. Besides, on the page, you will see:

  • a variety of game types;
  • mobile-friendly playing tips;
  • demo mode explanation;
  • benefits of playing online games;
  • questions & answers.

Top Popular Casino Games For Brits

Sometimes when you are a newbie at any stuff, you need to learn some general concepts to start your way to a pro. If you are a beginner in the gambling or just an expert who thought he/she tried everything in casino sphere, we recommend checking casino games list below.

Video Slots

One of the most popular entertainments in the world of gambling is slots. Today, the variety of these games is simply amazing. In the realities of fierce competition, each developer tries to create something special and improve the quality of their products to build trust and attract more players.

New ideas and developments implemented in slot machines significantly boost the entire industry and provoke a lot of innovations. The most common slot machines usually provide from three to five reels and up to fifty active pay lines that help to make a winning combination and gain real money wins.

By the way, it is possible to gain a huge jackpot in slots. To be sure about this fact, you need to check the characteristics of a machine and examine the other gamblers reviews.

Online Roulette

The second favorite game in casinos is roulette and its various types including American, European, French, and other ones. The most widespread classification of roulette is divided into two types:

Live Roulette

This is a type of live dealer casino games that means remote gameplay of roulette in one of the online casinos. The crucial features of this type of roulette are live croupiers and the ability to play with other players in real-time via the Internet. By the way, sometimes VIP players get the possibility of renting a separate table in a casino.

Roulette Machines

This is a great solution for loners who hate playing in a company and share the funds. These types of games are the most realistic simulation of roulette. In such slots, you play alone: ​​pick up chips, make a bet yourself, and launch the ball into the game.

Board Games

The playing cards were the predecessors of the whole industry of casino games, therefore, there are a huge number of board games including card games in online casinos. The main types: poker, blackjack, baccarat, Red Dog, bridge, preference, whist, screw, and many others.

All games are recreated card games as much as possible, so if you play poker professionally, poker machines will be familiar to you.

Live Poker is a separate type of online poker with live dealers. The game takes place in real time with true players. It does not differ from regular poker with friends when you don’t have to leave home but just enjoy the process in a comfort zone.


The most popular varieties of lotteries are bingo, scratch, keno, wheel of fortune. All of them are based on the principle of the random number generator technology. The main difference between these casino games is that in certain variations a player gets a ready-made set of numbers, in others — independently determines the combination.

After that, a winning set of numbers is announced and the player receives a payment depending on the number of matches.

Craps is a game with using hex dice that is played on a special table with betting fields. The player’s task is to predict the set of numbers that will fall out as a result of one throw.

At the QYTO site, you will find reviews about the most popular online games developed by such giants as Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic, Play’n GO, NetEnt, and other gorgeous providers ever known on the planet. Moreover, you will explore the list of casino games to play.

Mobile Casino Games For Real Money

As you know, the smartphone conquered the world. Software developers create mobile versions of games taking into account the capabilities of Android, iOS, Windows devices and average Internet speed. Therefore, games on the phone are slightly more simplified, some optional functions are removed, and the control buttons are enlarged for better usability goals. The loading is quite quickly, even if the speed of free Wi-Fi is poor.

If you are looking for a guide of playing Android casino games, look at these four options:

  • download the casino software on your device to play on;
  • the easiest way is to click on the link and play in the mobile browser;
  • sometimes a QR code is offered to launch the playing process on your smartphone;
  • you can get SMS to your number and follow the link.

This is a pretty brief guideline on how to start playing mobile games. We plan to develop more detailed instructions soon. Just follow our updates.

Free Casino Games — From Demo To Bets

Playing slots, you can boost your skills and deal with complex rules. Therefore, do not neglect the free versions, which will be at the first step on the way to a thorough study of the selected machine. Without this, making money on the game is unlikely to succeed.

In any business, success is determined by persistence, hard work, and knowledge. Gaming machines are no exception. If you want to be productive, you must be able to run online machines correctly. That is why demonstration versions of games exist!

The demo mode is an exact copy, simulation of algorithms of playing for money. The benefits of free games are the following:

  • completely no risks;
  • no financial investment;
  • new experience & more practice before real betting;
  • confidentiality;
  • availability.

How To Take An Advantage Of Playing Casino Games

Only a competent approach will ensure a real profit. There are some rules which can help the user to decrease costs and make profits over and over again, and its size will increase in proportion to the leveling of the player. So, the recommendations are the following:

  • exclude suspicious sites;
  • use only well-known sites that have licenses and official permissions;
  • explore proven slot machine strategies that guarantee 100% of success;
  • do not ignore the demos of the slots where you can practice and understand the rules of the game;
  • choose casino game only with high RTP (from 95%): such data players can find on the pages of the QYTO website;
  • do not forget about having rest and good sleep — we always stand for responsible gambling first;
  • learn to control emotions and prevent to commit rash actions.

The QYTO team experts have selected the top online casino games to play for free or to receive real money. By the way, our reviews will reveal all the pros and cons of the games from world-class suppliers. Anyway, the choice is yours to make.


Is It Possible To Win Real Money In Casino Games?

The vast majority of such services have both paid and free game features. In case the gambler wants to initially check a game in demo mode (for free), it is better to remember, the random number generator will bring large or quite regular wins.

However, when you start playing for real money, the same system will cease to be a friend of yours and will begin to produce results in favor of the casino.

Can I Win Big Money While Playing Online Casino Game?

In online gaming rooms, there is the opportunity to hit a solid jackpot. However, even in this case, it is the casino that remains a winner.

In casinos that have received international licenses, the gameplay is more adequate, and the random number generator does not give advantages to either side.

What Is RTP?

The return to the player is the average percentage of the money bet, which will be paid back as a result of playing the corresponding casino game.