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Online Roulette

Would you like to play with fortune? Here is a way! Online roulette is a game with a spinning wheel where all the cells are numbered. The word roulette has roots in Latin rota, which means a wheel. In fact, any game having a wheel that moves can be considered roulette. 

The basis of roulette is a ball spinning in a circle. When this ball drops, the ball indicates a winning number. The dropping out of a particular number is random and unpredictable anyway. If you are interested in a high-quality UK online roulette to play, this article will reveal some aspects of this great table game:

  • versions of the game;
  • choose a trusted site for roulette;
  • rules of the gameplay;
  • playing free or for real money;
  • faqs.

Types Of Roulette Worldwide

Currently, there are three main types of roulette found in real and online casinos — European, French, and American. Each type has its own characteristics, however, the principle of gameplay still the same. Let’s explore different versions together now:

European Online Roulette

This type of game contains 37 sectors from 0 to 36. The zero sector is green, the rest of them are red and black. The probability that zero will fall out is 2.7%. European roulette never involves zero in bets.

American Roulette

This one game contains another green sector, a double zero located on a wheel opposite to the first zero. Here you will not see a track on the gaming table with oral bets specific to French and European roulette. It also has a different order of numbers. American Roulette allows to bet with zero and double zero.

French Roulette

This is a forerunner of European and American versions that contains 37 sectors from 0 to 36, bets are accepted only before the wheel starts spinning. It provides the possibility of making oral bets and differs in the fact when the zero is dropped the external bets remain on the table for the next round.

Live Online Roulette

The gameplay in a live game is very different from the online playing process. Firstly, you don’t have to spin the wheel on your own because it is the duty of the croupier. The process itself is much more exciting — everything happens in real time, except that the player and the dealer are in different places. But all their actions are clearly captured by cameras.

A player on this side of the screen can follow them. Therefore, the dealer will not cheat because this will ruin the reputation of an online casino. After all, he/she already has a significant advantage over the gamer, especially at long distances.

Secondly, live roulette involves betting only with real money, which should be taken into account before starting the gameplay.

Where To Play Best Online Roulette In The UK

Nowadays many online casinos offer a wide range of entertainment, among which the queen of gambling, the good old Roulette. Every British gambler can spin the virtual wheel and try the luck. However, there is a question: how to pick the best online roulette site for playing free or for real money?

The Qyto experts have collected several criteria that can help choose a proper place to enjoy table games online. Let’s examine them together:

  • Reliability

This is undoubtedly the most important criterion when choosing an online casino. By reliability we mean: correct payment of wins, trouble-free deposit, and withdrawal of funds, financial stability of the company, license, positive customer reviews, good reputation, etc.

  • Software

A good casino software is a guarantee of the level of online casinos, as well as its security. Best online roulette casino always uses software from trusted developers, so find out what software casinos use to understand what you can expect from it. 

  • Payout Methods

When choosing an online casino, you should be familiar with the methods of depositing and withdrawing funds available, learn what is the speed of payment operations, the presence of fees, etc. Choose a casino site if it offers payment methods you usually apply.

  • Bonuses for new and loyal customers

A good promotion can be the reason for picking a casino online roulette, but only if it meets 100% of the previous criteria. Anyway, you have to be careful with the bonuses offered by the casino, do not let yourself be cheated by large sums and carefully read the terms of the bonus to avoid an unpleasant situation.

  • Free demo games

Providing free roulette games is desirable, although it is not important for choosing a proper casino. Even if it is not available, you can use the free roulette in another casino, but it is better to have this option on the selected site.

All these points can help players to find the most appropriate gambling site. Moreover, on the Qyto website, you can check several online roulette reviews before searching it on the other casino platforms.

How To Play Online Roulette

The goal of the game is to predict the winning number and place a bet on it. Before the ball falls, players have the opportunity to place their bets on a specially marked area on the table — sectors, trying to predict the winning number. In this case, you can choose not only one number, but two, three or even more. In fact, every player can bet on all roulette numbers.

A player also wins if he/she made a stake on additional fields that are common to some numbers. For example, if any red number appears, the bet on “Red” wins. A bet on the “Black” loses then.

In roulette, there are a sufficient number of different additional and combined bets. All of them are paid according to the payout ratio accepted in a particular online roulette simulator.

Demo Vs Real Cash

On the Qyto site, you will find both demo and full-fledged versions of the Roulette and its other varieties. In the first case, you can try free online roulette game without registration and enjoy spending your leisure time without money loss.

In the second case, you get full functionality by making real bets and withdrawing money in case of victory. You can also receive bonuses from a casino when you make the first a deposit.

A real money game is not similar to a sandbox game. This also applies to the possibility to get a win, as well as the sensations that the gameplay brings. Only the best online roulette will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of real excitement and risk.

Online Roulette Bonus

If you want to play the game for real money, various casinos will offer special fixed personal bonuses. Besides welcome and regular bonuses, players can receive various promotions, competitions, and valuable draw games. Some casinos even give trips to exotic countries. Here you can learn more about every benefit you can receive:

Online Roulette No Deposit Bonus

All casinos offer such a bonus to players who decide to play for the first time. This can be either a fixed amount of money for a trial game for real money or an increase to your first deposit into a game account. Such a perk is usually used to attract new players.

Casino bonus for the 2nd deposit

A re-deposit bonus is another of the most common bonuses. This bonus is provided every week or once a month. The online casino credits a bonus to your account based on your activity for a certain period or the first deposit every month.

VIP casino bonus

These promos are designed specifically for VIP casino players, we mean people who play regularly, and as a rule, make large bets. The amount of such a bet is a purely individual concept. The casino hosts a large number of competitions for VIP players based on the amount of bets for a certain period of time.


How To Bet In Online Roulette Gambling?

For roulette bets, there is a specially marked field on the table. You can bet on roulette on numbers from 0 to 36 (sometimes 37 or 38) — they are called internal. External bets are more diverse — red or black, even or odd, big or small, dozens or columns, etc.

Can I Play Online Roulette For Real Money And Win?

You can win real money in this game only by playing at real bets. To do this, sign up to a trusted online casino you found on the Qyto site and top up the balance using any convenient method a casino provides. 

There are many supposedly winning strategies (for example, Martingale, etc.), however, their effectiveness has not been proven in practice. You should base on your own intuition because it is impossible to predict or calculate the outcome.

What Kind Of Roulette Is Better: American, European or French?

French roulette is considered the player’s most profitable form of this game, as the rule of La Partage increases the percentage of return up to 98.65%. Comparing American and European roulettes, players often choose the second version, as it has one zero field. Fans of other types of the game should opt for versions with the highest possible RTP.

Who Invented The Roulette Game?

The name of the creator is still one of the greatest mysteries in gambling history. There are several versions. According to the most popular, the “father” of the game is Blaise Pascal, who created it in an attempt to invent the perpetual motion machine (mid-17th century). Mystical versions of the origin of the game exist as well but this is another story to tell.