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April 8,2021

Dash Casinos

Dash (formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin) is an open decentralized payment system that applies a mechanism called Darksend to make transactions anonymous. Later this currency changed its name to Dash to avoid some bad associations.

Today this crypto money boosts its popularity in the gambling sphere and this means every British player can use Dash for deposits and withdrawals while playing a casino game. Such a solution will make payments more secure and anonymous. The Dash currency uses 11 independent encryption algorithms, which makes it less vulnerable to hacking than Bitcoin and Litecoin. It features improved privacy performance.

This page contains a constantly updated rating of casino sites that accept bets in this cryptocurrency. The casino list includes only licensed websites. This means all of them are safe, offer original software, and attractive bonuses. Qyto team will tell you more about Dash and all its peculiarities. Are you ready? Go ahead!

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What Is Dash — Overview

Dash is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency developed as an alternative to Bitcoin but with a higher level of security. The Dash cryptocurrency was developed in 2014 and originally used as the open-source for bitcoin. With the development of functionality, the developers gradually delved into their own vector of development, actively introducing and adapting new technologies and ideas.

The principles of functioning of the Dash cryptocurrency are based on the key aspects of digital money like anonymity, accessibility, publicity, and decentralization.

What Are Masternodes?

Masternodes in the dash cryptocurrency network are special servers responsible for executing PrivateSend and InstantSend transactions. Anyway, let’s find out what these both features really mean.

What Are PrivateSend & InstantSend?

PrivateSend and InstantSend are two additional Dash features that rely on Masternodes management. InstantSend allows you to make transfers immediately. This means the transfer is sent in less than a second. The user pays for this service which costs 3 cents.

PrivateSend is another feature that hides the exact details of the transfer, such as information about the sender and the recipient. How is this possible? PrivateSend mixes all transactions with each other and makes it much more difficult to track the exact payment path.

Dash Service Key Features

The Dash system was in the top 5 of cryptocurrencies due to some special features that distinguish this currency from its competitors. Let’s figure them out now:

  • Limited emission. Of course, most cryptocurrencies differ in this and Dash is more likely to follow the trend here. The maximum volume of Dash tokens is 19.8 million coins, and after 2150 there will be no new coins.
  • Two-tier system architecture. It is the division of consensus into two levels that is the main feature of Dash. The developers took it for a reason: such a step ensures the safety of users by completely anonymizing translations.
  • Mining does not require large energy costs;
  • There is no centralized management;
  • Complete privacy and security in relation to any transaction;
  • Fairly high market capitalization with great prospects;
  • All members of the network participate in the development of the system;
  • Any user can freely vote for various initiatives, as well as suggest their own ideas;
  • The development team listens to the wishes of the network members adding new features and fixing bugs;
  • Transactions are approved instantly without unnecessary expectations.

Dash is significantly different from its competitors: the creators of the system (and above all Evan Duffield) intended to make their product as unlike Bitcoin as possible in order to overtake the first digital currency in the future.

It is obvious that Dash will be able to compete with the legendary Bitcoin in the near future. For this, a fairly new and independent cryptocurrency has almost everything you need. Moreover, the key features make Dash a truly unique payment system.

Blockchain Features In Gambling Online

A blockchain casino or crypto casino is a gaming platform that is implemented using decentralized technologies. This resource provides clear control over all financial transactions, including cash inflows and outflows, bets and winnings. Due to the features of the blockchain, it is impossible to forge data. In this way, players receive guarantees that they will not be deceived.

Gambling sites can apply the blockchain in different ways using them in one way or another. For example, to use slots built entirely on blockchain technology or connect the ability to make transactions in cryptocurrency. Any of these options is attractive to customers and can increase the level of trust in online casinos. Here we put a list of blockchain features which are really important for most British gamblers who prefer to use cryptocurrency:

  • Data transparency — the participant can track any change in the database;
  • Confidentiality — anonymity is guaranteed by a set of encryption techniques;
  • Hacking resistance — no one has the right to make changes without a special access code;
  • Trust — mutual verification of the entered data contributes to the achievement of the harmony of the system.

The information posted on the blockchain cannot be copied, only distributed. Information is now becoming the value equivalent of cryptocurrency. The principle of the blockchain is built on this basis. The user posts Information that others can access. However, a key is required to have and possess this information.

Keys are the main way to confirm the validity of transactions. By replacing the bank service, they allow transactions to be carried out in less time.

Dash Gambling

The development of cryptocurrency has spurred its use in the online casino industry. This is how various crypto casinos appeared, and first of all, Dash casinos. Anonymity and decentralization of these resources in online casinos began to attract an increasing number of users around the world.

The sense of the game at a crypto casino is excitement and a desire to try your hand and make good money, practically without investing your own funds. But there are other reasons why people start playing at cryptocurrency casinos. The ability to earn cryptocurrency with little or no investment. Anyway, before playing casino for real money, you need to understand some risks and be sure you picked an appropriate site for gambling.

How To Choose A Casino With Dash

This page contains a constantly updated rating of sites that accept bets in this cryptocurrency. The casino list includes licensed resources. All of them are safe, offer original software and attractive bonuses. Before playing games and depositing with Dash coins, you have to consider several criteria. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to review a Dash casino:

  1. you need to familiarize yourself with the rating of a casino;
  2. to obtain objective information, it is worth visiting numerous gaming resources and forums and reading other players’ reviews. Although user reviews can be bought, sometimes you come across true bright stories telling about the pros and cons of the crypto casino;
  3. you need to study the quality of the resource’s technical support service;
  4. it is important to check whether a casino has a license to carry out gambling activities;
  5. check the availability of professional support with experience in dealing with problems and questions on the use of cryptocurrency in an online casino: detailed FAQ sections, guides on the use of digital currencies, procedures for depositing and withdrawing funds, etc.;
  6. overview special bonuses and promotions designed and adjusted for cryptocurrencies;
  7. explore the game collection suitable only for altcoins, especially Dash;
  8. check whether a casino provides rare sports betting option on crypto.

Play Casino Games With Dash

Crypto casinos offer a wide variety of gambling options. Everyone here will find a game according to their liking and preferences. Among other online casino games are the following entertainments:

  • Roulette is the most common game suitable for training and playing for money. The casinos offer American, European, Russian, French roulettes. You just make a deposit with Dash and start playing any roulette game on the site;
  • Slots. Video slots are one of the simplest types of games available in online casinos. In order to enjoy them, you literally do not need to do anything. You just bet and turn the wheel of the slot machine. Of course, in the video versions of slot machines, there is a special button to rotate the wheel and you immediately see the result of this action.

The combination of characters on the display gives you the answer to the question of whether you won or not. Various slot machines will delight even the most sophisticated players who want to bet using cryptocurrency;

  • Blackjack is one of the most popular online casinos on similar gaming resources for free without registration;
  • Live casino games mean the user can play baccarat, roulette or blackjack with a real dealer. By playing online for free and without registration, the casino is made more interesting and attractive. Everything takes place online, but it gives the impression of a real game.

Bonuses & Promotions

Dash casinos offer a lot of bonuses and special offers you can try to make your gameplay more lucrative and enjoyable. Today, most operators want to avoid providing no deposit bonuses because frauds prefer such perks for stealing casinos’ funds.

That is why we have a limited number of benefits that usually require to make deposits before claiming a bonus. Now we are going to reveal some of the top promotions available in most casinos supporting Dash.

Welcome Bonus

This kind of promotion you can receive after your registration on the website. First, you create an account and get a chance to claim a welcome bonus. However, you need to make your first deposit on the site to use this bonus in games. By the way, sometimes casinos provide extra offers when a player pays with cryptocurrency.

Do not forget about the wager requirements you need to meet before withdrawing your wins received from your welcome bonus. Sometimes, you have to bet several times (from 30 to 60 times) to receive your money on the balance.

Free Spins

These bonuses can be available in the welcome package bonus list or like a separate promotion. Usually, you need to make some deposits to receive extra spins and apply them to a list of games presented on a casino website.

A casino provides Free Spins on a particular slot machine. Thanks to this, it will be possible to find out the key features of the game and arrange the so-called test of the playing process. It is allowed to receive free spins during the game when certain combinations land on the reels.

How To Receive Dash Coins

The Dash cryptocurrency is not the most demanded currency among crypto traders but it is still listed on top exchanges. After registering a wallet and choosing a cryptocurrency, the main question remains: where can you buy cryptocurrency? There are several ways to purchase digital money, which differ from each other in terms of convenience and benefits.

  • Crypto wallet. If you need to buy cryptocurrency now, you can use your wallet with the exchange function. This method of acquisition is suitable for those who need to quickly receive digital currency through a convenient interface.
  • A mobile application with a wallet attached to it is another method, which is similar to purchasing through a wallet. The user installs on his/her smartphone an application for buying a cryptocurrency and its wallet is already tied to a smartphone. Then a transaction is carried out via an easy-to-use interface. The advantages of this method are in the quick receipt of digital money, the disadvantage is an unprofitable course.
  • The exchange office works according to the following principle: the required amount of cryptocurrency is entered in one field, the system calculates the amount of the payment, after which the transaction is made. Buying cryptocurrency is profitable in this way for those who want to make a quick deal at an acceptable rate.

How To Store Dash Money?

On the official website of the Dash cryptosystem, there are several types of wallets, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can download any of them and, after the synchronization process, successfully use the wallet for your needs, experiencing all the benefits of fast transactions and a high level of anonymity.

Regardless of which wallet you prefer, do not forget that you need to be very careful about selecting and storing a password, as well as making backup copies of wallets. If you lose access to a wallet, you automatically lose money and it will be impossible to restore them. There are the following types of wallets which you can use to store the Dash cryptocurrency safely and securely:

  • Computer wallets. Such ways of storing your crypto are considered the safest ones. These wallets have special options and additional features;
  • Mobile wallets. These methods are specially optimized for smartphones and tablets;
  • Hardware wallets;
  • Paper wallet.

Now we are going to tell you more about each of these wallets to preserve your Dash currency.

Dash Core For Computers

This wallet for a computer is considered one of the most optimal in terms of security, but it has a significant drawback as it takes up a lot of hard disk space. Nevertheless, you have full control over your savings, and in which case you have the opportunity to check its source code, since you have access to it. No third parties are involved to confirm transactions.


The wallet functionality provides full control over your funds, but you cannot check the source code, you will have to trust that the program does not have malicious codes. Confirmation of transactions is performed by a third-party server, and the user must take for granted the accuracy and reliability of the payment information. There is a version of the Jaxx wallet for desktop and mobile.


In terms of functionality and principles of operation, it is similar to the Jaxx wallet, except that access is provided through a direct connection to the p2p network. As for the rest, the source code is still not available for study and you will have to rely on confirmation of operations by a third-party server.

Paper wallet

This is a cold storage wallet, that is, one that does not have a network connection, which means it provides 100% protection against hackers. In fact, a paper wallet is a kind of check that confirms your ownership of a certain amount of coins.

How To Deposit Casino With Dash

Deposits to a casino accepting Dash can be made by players with the appropriate wallet or account on the exchange that trades the crypto. You can get funds by mining, exchange or using taps. To top up your account you need four stages:

  1. Go to your Personal Account;
  2. Select the required cryptocurrency from the provided payment instruments;
  3. Specify the details of the wallet;
  4. Confirm payment.

The amount will be credited to your gaming account within a few minutes. Before choosing this payment method, you need to make sure that the limits and conditions for withdrawal are acceptable.

How To Withdraw Wins Using Dash

The advantage of using cryptocurrency in an online casino is the speed of withdrawing funds from a gaming account and, in most cases, the absence of withdrawal limits. The latter means that players can withdraw large jackpot wins in one go.

The procedure for withdrawing funds itself is identical to the procedure for making a deposit, but you must remember that the player’s account must be verified in order to withdraw funds.


The Darksend engine is responsible for the security of the network, which allows you to maintain complete confidentiality without involving secondary resources and with minimal human participation in the payment process. That is why players who use Dash for gambling do not have to worry about the safety of their bankroll.

Why Use Dash For Gambling — Pros & Cons

Advantages of Dash coins are pretty attractive and now you explore them:

  • Improved protection. Dash uses 11 cryptographic encryption algorithms (called the X11 combination), which means that attackers will have to deal with each of them separately to achieve their goal. This makes the system more secure in comparison with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin, which are integrated using the same algorithm.
  • The ability to send funds with increased anonymity (PrivateSend). Confidentiality is achieved by dividing transactions into equal parts to avoid tracking and mixing of the same transfer particles.
  • Instant transaction technology (InstantSend). This increases the speed of funds transfers by an order of magnitude, while at the same time requiring a relatively small commission (about $0.5). The average amount of an instant transfer is tens of times less than the current fee for a bitcoin transfer. Regular Dash transactions are even cheaper.
  • The system consists of two levels. As with other crypto coins, there are miners who confirm transactions and add new blocks to the blockchain. But besides them, there are also masternodes — participants who completely downloaded the blockchain and made a deposit of 1,000 dash units. Their presence ensures the work of InstantSend.

Thus, Dash offers gamblers a great deal. Like most other cryptocurrencies, it provides anonymous gaming with fast and inexpensive payments. But, thanks to the efforts of the developers, Dash also takes all this to a higher level, since the system is better protected, transactions are faster and cheaper, and personal data is inviolable.

However, some drawbacks of Dash exist as well. Let’s reveal them:

  • Only 19,000,000 coins with a fixed account;
  • Not many users and sellers;
  • Several companies use the name Dash. This is a disadvantage compared to Bitcoin. That is why there is no brand awareness;
  • There are other cryptocurrencies available that bear striking similarities to Dash.

Dash Development Prospects

The main goal of the developers is to create a simple and convenient cryptocurrency, which can be used even by those people who have little understanding of digital technologies. Self-governing capabilities that select the most requested and relevant projects provide the potential for the Dash platform to grow.

The developers pay attention to improving the security of the blockchain and the reliability of the system. To improve the security of Dash, a contract was signed with the crowdsourcing company Bugcrowd. Its specialists work out all possible scenarios and algorithms that can hack the system. Reports on found faults and bugs are sent to developers for elimination.

Qyto’s Expert Opinion

The main goal of our team is to overview every gambling platform and reveal its pros and cons. How do we work? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to explore a casino that accepts Dash.

  1. We find the official website and explore every section: games, bonuses, payment systems, support, etc.;
  2. If we find Dash in the list of options, we create an account on a casino site and make the first deposit with Dash;
  3. Then we observe the speed of deposits and withdrawals;
  4. If some issues happen, we contact a casino’s support to solve them.

On the Qyto website, you can find slot machines from leading software developers for gaming portals. Each company has a worldwide reputation. The list of slots includes products created by such giants in the gambling industry as BetSoft, NetEnt, Novomatic, Microgaming, and many others. This feature guarantees not only safe play, but amazing graphics along with stunning graphics and soundtracks.


Dash is absolutely legal in the United Kingdom. That is why every player can bravely use this currency. In general, cryptocurrency is not regulated by any world government and it is impossible to track the transactions.

If you want to get funds to your account for free play in a dash casino, cryptocurrency faucets will come in handy. Taking simple steps and watching ads from time to time will make a little digital money. However, faucets only allow you to earn small amounts of Dash. However, this should be sufficient if your goal is to “taste” the game on a specific site.