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Online Slots

What do you know about slots? If we make a research in the history of this phenomenon, we can see the first game was invented by Charles Fey and another name for this machine was a one-hand bandit (because of the rod a player needs to move for spinning reels).

Today, the evolution of slots reached unbelievable heights — UK fans of gambling can choose among thousands of various online entertainment full of amazing features like visual 3D effects, bonuses, different themes, huge jackpots, etc. Here you will learn more about the following goods that concern online slots:

  • how to pick the most suitable game if you are from the United Kingdom;
  • terrific features & terms explanation;
  • see the advantages of slot machines;
  • best game developers worldwide.

Let’s plunge into a colorful and magical world of the best online slots for the UK players.

Choosing A Proper Slot Machine

Most experienced gamblers are real masters in picking platforms for playing real money games. However, what newbies should do to pick out an appropriate slot that brings true wins and does not cheat. The QYTO team have selected some tips that can be helpful for every beginner from Britain. We recommend you to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Return to the player (RTP). This is a key characteristic of any online playing machine that shows an average index of win and it is always less than 100%. RTP reveals common statistics based on millions of spins. Somebody loses or wins after hours of playing. Nevertheless, the higher RTP is, the bigger your chances to receive good combination in a slot. Today, a really good return to the player ranges from 95 to 98%;
  • Check Volatility. Another crucial thing while choosing a slot is volatility which can be low, medium, and high. This criterion helps to evaluate the risk of every game slot. The riskiest games offer huge but quite rare payouts. Medium- and low-risk slots provide frequent but small payouts. Slots with high volatility can be found due to big jackpots provided;
  • Examine a payout table. Before playing, every sensible gambler should learn the table of payouts because they indirectly reveal how risky the slot is. The more combinations offer big wins, the higher the risk of the gameplay here. If you find small payouts in a table, don’t get upset because you will receive more wins instantly;
  • Plots & Themes. This is the last thing that can be important for a gambler. A variety of themes is extremely large and it can please every gambler not only from the UK but on the entire planet.
  • Try a demonstration version. This helps to try out a game for free and understand all the pros and cons of a slot before spending your own money on gameplay.

On the QYTO website, you will see a range of the best online slots sites for UK users. There you can play the game and do not be afraid of being cheated because every operator is checked and tested by our pros.

Ultimate Online Slot Terms

To be deeply involved into the atmosphere of online gambling, every British player should know at least the basis of slot terminology that is common for each casino. Here we present the list of words and phrases that will help you to get more understanding of slot machines:

  • The RNG (random number generator) — this is a system that creates random combinations which are divided into successful or not;
  • Bankroll — this is money a player spends within gameplay;
  • Bet Max — this means maximum bet you can make for playing a slot machine;
  • House Edge — this is a percentage of total players’ staking that an operator is ready to gain;
  • Progressive Jackpot — this is a huge payout that is increased every time a slot game is played. But it does not mean somebody hits a jackpot instantly. Such types of payouts often reach incredible sizes. However, you can have a chance to win this jackpot only due to making big bets;
  • Wild symbol — this is a special symbol that creates a winning combination together with other icons in a slot;
  • Stacked Wild — a chain of wild symbols landed on the reels one by one;
  • Scatter — such a special symbol guarantees a payout no matter where you got it (this means a scatter can land on any pay line and bring wins);
  • Free Spins — this is a feature launched due to special combinations predominantly created by scatters.

Types Of Best Online Slots UK

  • Classic Games. This is a tribute to old-fashioned one-armed bandits. Most players feel nostalgic about the awkward machines with a rod that makes the reels spinning. Now, most game developers still create classic slots but in an online form.  The new ones online classic machines differ from its predecessors — they have fewer reels, or conditions of payouts. But the common theme, fruit symbols, and the atmosphere of retro casino games still the same;
  • Fruit Slot Machines. Another popular type of slot is a fruit slot that is also can be identified as a classic one. The name Fruit Machine is derived from British culture. Traditionally, this game has three reels with fruit symbols and easy-to-follow rules — all you need to do is to get a winning combination on a single pay line. This is a perfect choice for fresh gamblers without experience;
  • Video Slots. These online machines are the most widespread among British gamblers. Everybody can pick a video slot according to his/her preferences;

Generally, video slots have about 5 reels and up to 100 playing reels, high-quality graphics, and fantastic soundtracks. There are a lot of video slots dedicated to music bands, popular movies, cartoons, or even historical events;

  • Mobile Slots. Today, up to 3.5 billion people use smartphones worldwide. Moreover, so many British gamblers prefer playing on different devices like tablets and laptops. That is why a lot of providers create games with mobile version convenient for every Brit;
  • 3D Games. Due to modern technologies, a lot of games have 3D graphics that grasp people’s minds and attract gamblers all around the world;
  • Progressive. These are the games providing huge jackpot payouts.Every time a person plays this slot and makes a bet, then a jackpot common sum gets increased till the moment one lucky guy wins;
  • Free Online Slots. This is a great solution for newbies who do not sure about their gambling skills. When a player signs up to a site, he/she automatically receives a no deposit bonus for testing a game.

How To Win At Slots — Expert Tips

Every player dreams about a formula that helps to win at online slots. Speaking about strategy, it does not exist but you should not give up. Before starting the gameplay, you need to understand the principle of slots work.

Every slot game depends on a random number generator which gives totally unpredictable results — this means, you cannot build up any winning strategy. The possibility to win is really a matter of chance. However, many pro gamblers have their individual secrets which can lead to a victorious outcome. Here they are:

  1. Manage your budget. When a player bets all his/her £100 and lose them all, it is not quite a reasonable solution. The QYTO experts recommend you to make small stakes and do not hurry up with bets;
  2. Control your time. Don’t spend all your leisure time on slots because it is not sensible and healthy at all. If you feel that luck is not on your side, just interrupt the game and calm down;
  3. Choose your location. Just find a place where you feel comfortable and nobody will disturb you. It can be your bedroom or any cafe with perfect internet connection;
  4. Give preference to high RTP. Attentively learn the characteristics of every slot and check the return to player. If it is over 95%, feel free to pick this or that gambling machine for playing;
  5. Pick games with fixed payouts and small jackpots. If you want to receive numerous payouts for sure, you’d better choose a slot with fixed wins. Progressive jackpots are possible in the slots, but they are not frequently paid.

Benefits Of Online Slots For UK Players

  • over 1,000 slot types worldwide available for Brits;
  • free demonstration version to test your skills in the sphere;
  • a variety of online slots no deposit bonuses, special offers, and VIP promotions;
  • a lot of features like Wilds, Scatters that encourage to play more but reasonably.

Top Trusted Slot Providers

Nowadays, the gambling market is quite competitive and many companies try to create something unique. Many operators want to have only high-quality software on their sites that is why they carefully select the developers before putting their products on a site. Among the most popular game providers are the following guys:

  • Novomatic;
  • Playtech;
  • Microgaming;
  • Pragmatic Play;
  • NetEnt.

These companies created thousands of slot games that are beloved by millions of gamblers worldwide including the United Kingdom.

On the QYTO website, you will find a big range of sites full of top online slots UK that everyone can try for free and then play for money or just for having fun. Our experts always stand for users — we mean every slot is tested, rated, and explained by pro gamblers. Your energy and funds are still safe with QYTO.