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Video Slots

The popularity of online gambling grows every moment annually and it is difficult to imagine an online casino without a long series of video slots online. Each video slot machine has a set of certain rules and features, it is a whole world of sensations, adrenaline, and pleasure that cannot be compared to anything else.

Thanks to the invention of the Internet, video slots have reborn. Now, this entertainment gives a lot of opportunities for playing free or for real money. Moreover, the storyline, graphics, sound, bonuses simply amaze the imagination.

The QYTO experts will tell you more about the basic rules of the gameplay in video slots, their features, and principles of work. New knowledge awaits you below.

How To Pick Perfect Video Slot?

The variety of offers can make you dizzy and it is ok. From the good old classics like Starburst to the ultra-modern Wild Wild West games that strike with amazing graphics and enjoyable plot. By the way, most 3D slots have no analogs and help to dive deep into the playing process.

Obviously, it is up to you what to choose. In practice, the best adviser is your own experience but some players can be newbies and we want to give a jog to make the right decision. Let’s check the main criteria out:

  • It is recommended to pick video slots online with a high return to player (RTP). This feature shows an approximate arithmetic value — the percentage of money return that a player spent within the playing process over a big number of spins. The higher this parameter is, the bigger the gain you get. It’s not difficult to find the RTP because it is available in every review on the QYTO;
  • the more features a video slot has, the bigger your chances to get really good wins (free spins, multipliers, bonuses);
  • while choosing a game, you should pay attention to the developer. A well-known provider guarantees perfect quality but the unknown supplier doesn’t;
  • it’s better to start the game with small bets to adapt to the playing process and not to use all the funds if the game is unsuccessful.

The Basic Principles Of The Video Slots Game

Before starting to play, every gambler must learn these criteria. The rules of the game vary depending on the release time of the version, type, and storyline of the video game. There are basic rules that are usually unchangeable. They are the following:

  • a combination of the same symbols on all the reels brings many wins;
  • winning combinations are arranged horizontally — in a line, zigzag or in another similar way;
  • the number of pay lines is usually fixed — as a rule, their number is from 10 to 25.
  • the amount of payout consists of the bet size combined with the value of the symbols involved in the game combination;
  • video slots provide universal symbols that can substitute for winning values. They are called differently, but the function is the same — they replace a winning symbol.
  • The player can choose the size of the bet and other parameters.

To receive full information about the size of the bet and other features related to the win, you should find a so-called Payout table. It is usually located at the bottom of the playing board.

Key Terms & Concepts of Online Video Slots

They are not much different in most games. We present only three main terms:

  • Wild symbol. This is a special symbol that replaces the winning symbol in most machines. Replacement happens only for valid standard symbols, bonus characters are not replaced. For example, if on 5 reels, 4 identical “fruits” and a Wild symbol land, a player will get a payout for five symbols;
  • Pay line. Many best video slots have only one pay line that contains three icons in the middle row, like the classic machines of the 80-90s, for instance. However, the latest versions of online slots provide a large number of pay lines to increase the chances of wins. The more pay lines are available, the higher the bet becomes;
  • Bonus & Scatter. Any player knows these successful symbols. They activate bonus rounds within the gameplay and boost the probability to win a great amount of real money. However, do not forget that Bonus and Scatter are not available in some old machines.

Strategies In A Video Slot — Myth Or Reality

It is impossible to mathematically calculate the probability of any combination on the reels because the work of every slot is based on the random number generator. We mean it is really pointless to calculate and note the combinations that have been received before.

However, this does not stop not only beginners but also experienced players. Despite the lack of even a theoretical ability to calculate a bet, one fact is still surprising — it is not right to consider the beginners are always lucky in slots, but experienced gamers with years of experience in online gambling are the luckiest guys here.

Why this happens and what algorithms the professional players know — we have no idea. But facts are stubborn things. We recommend focusing on the RTP and your common sense.

Why Free Video Slots Are So Crucial?

The first obvious plus: you do not lose money while playing free. Some dishonest online casinos create traps for newbies. Trusted casinos always provide random results. Frauds program video slots to make a player lose all the bankroll in any case. When you play free, you will not face this problem because it’s unnecessary to bet.

According to neurobiological studies, video slots somehow influence the humans’ brain and nervous system. Everyday life is rarely dynamic. Because of this, the brain slowly dries out, some of its parts lose their tone.

However, if you train the nervous system with periodic strains of nerve impulses, the brain gets activated. Game slots just create the right voltage. Constant fluctuations from loss to victory stimulate the brain. Anyway, you should be careful and do not lose your mind while gambling for money.

Video Slots For Desktop & Mobile

Today players can enjoy slots anytime and anywhere. To do this, people do not need to look for land-based casinos. It is enough for them to simply visit video slots mobile casinos and use a computer or smartphone for further gameplay.

However, developers have to make some efforts to adapt video slots for mobile versions. This happened due to the obvious differences in screen size and operating systems.

Therefore, in a mobile version, animation and 3D graphics can be removed. For example, the first slots for smartphones had only 3 reels. This is explained by the poor screen resolution.

When technology has developed and the screens of mobile devices look like the biggest TV sets, then full-fledged video slots appeared. All the same: 5 reels, wild symbol, scatter, a lot of pay lines, etc.

Play Video Slots & Get Perks

To attract as many players as possible, all trusted casinos provide various bonuses. For example, new gamblers can receive a welcome bonus for their first deposits to start playing the game. Moreover, some casinos provide their users with special video slots bonus codes that activate special goodies within the playing process.

Unfortunately, no deposit bonuses are pretty rare things in such type of entertainment. However, do not be upset, because so big collection of games exists on different gambling platforms. They provide a lot of perks — from free spins to multipliers.

To sum up, video slots are a new level of slot machines. The development of software allowed to choose extremely different gameplay and create unique games with non-standard technologies.

On the QYTO site, you will find a variety of video slots from the top software suppliers. Moreover, you will find numerous video slots reviews with all the characteristics and rates from our gambling experts. An exciting gameplay is here to get started.


How To Choose The Best Casino To Play Video Slots?

Before you start a game in an online casino, it is important to study the site. It should be made in a modern style, be equally accessible and convenient for users with different devices, and the design and navigation should be intuitive, which makes it easy to navigate the site.

The collection of games is another ultimate criterion. The more quality slots you find, the better choice you can make. Anyway, pay attention to world developers, such as Netent, Playtech, Novomatic, Microgaming, and others. Their products are considered the best ones by millions of gamblers.

Is It Easy To Make Video Slots Withdrawal?

In online casinos, many ways of withdrawal exist. However, the speed of withdrawal depends on the amount you want to cash out. If you withdraw a lot of money at a time, then you probably have to wait. After all, the required funds may be unavailable.

On the contrary, small sums can be immediately withdrawn. That is why professional players withdraw their prizes just after winning.